Iraq: Rebuilding of Iraq

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The Democrats are out in full force condemning the Bush Administration for the Iraq conflict timelines and yet no one seems to be understanding that most of the insurgency is being assisted by Iran. Even worse the Democrats wish us to open up dialogues with Iran and bring the troops home? Then folks like Nancy Pelosi, seem to be indicating that nothing is being done there? But as one think tank member recently stated; “Oh please they have started to build hospitals, built schools, mosques, working on re-building antiquated sewer plants, power plants, etc. In fact Halliburton is about the only company that can do it, when other companies get the contracts they end up killing their security details, because they don't get it.”
When cost overrides occur there are issues, yes, but look at the hostile situation, You cannot leave anything around the job site, it gets stolen, you cannot bring in supplies, they get hijacked and kidnap drivers? Think of the situation really. Do you want the contract to deliver diesel fuel to a job site in a tanker truck thru rough neighborhoods? One IED or RPG round and you are toast literally. The think tank member went on to state;
“I think folks do not get it and further think the NYT liberal reporters blow stuff out of proportion and make stuff up and writer jaded articles to incite because they HATE and have so much anti-Bush Administration Hatred that they use their pen as a sword against the United States. They are assisting the International Terrorists at every turn and emboldening the insurgency using abuse of power granted by their liberal editors.”
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